3D Topology Program

An Efficient 3D Topology Optimization Program written in Matlab - top3d

The 169 lines comprising this code includes nite element analysis, sensitivity analysis, density filter, optimality criterion optimizer, and display of results. The code is able to solve minimum compliance, compliant mechanism and heat conductin problems.

Download top3d.m | Journal publication | Website | Other: opti99 interface for the 99-line code.


Graphical Identification of Bifurcations - Identificador Gráfico de Bifurcaciones - IGB

IGB es una herramienta que permite localizar valores críticos de parámetros independientes en sistemas dinámicos autónomos multiparamétricos continuos y discretos. En su análisis gráfico (método indirecto), el IGB utiliza dos estrategias: simulación y continuación. Para la localización exacta del valor crítico y tipo de bifurcación (método directo) el IGB utiliza funciones de prueba.
Note: This software is not longer supported by our group but you are welcome to use it and develop it.

User's Manual | Reference Manual | IGB for Matlab 4.0 | IGB for Matlab 5.0

Matlab zero-player games

Matlab code based on cellular automata.

Game of art 1 | Game of art 2 | Game of art 3 | Langton's ant model | Conway's game of life